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 AMIA Music Entertainment Group ® 
 Studio B is our live recording room. The room is constructed to accomodate both acoustic and  
  electric instruments and its control room is ideal for mixing as well as recording with its 48  
  input Yamaha LS-9 and rack of Mic Pre' s fitted with completeand full Automation for sound, video  
  and lighjts. The full 5.1 surround monitoring panel is ideal for mixing. The control room monitors are 
  Yamaha, JBL, Adam nearfields. Studio B is video ready with house sync plus video, digital 
  distribution and WIFI. 

  Studio B is equipt with the finest analog outboard gear and equipment as well as a complete line of 
  Digital ffects (An extensive list of floating effects is available). This room is also available with a Pro 
  Tools HD system.

  Please click on the following links to Download the Studio B Setup Sheet or view the Microphone List.